How do I link my connected V16 beacon?

Fase Light Baliza V16 Conectada

To enjoy additional functionalities, follow the steps for a manual or QR linking of your connected V16 beacon.

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Cómo vincular mi señal V16 conectada

Manual registration

Remember that your device connects with DGT3.0 from the first moment, without the need to use the APP.

  • Select the brand of your beacon
    In the drop-down menu, select the brand of your connected V16 signal to start logging.

  • Data entry
    Manually enter the serial number (consisting of 8 digits) that you will find on a sticker printed on the electronic board of the product.

  • Receiving confirmation
    You will then receive a registration confirmation email with the steps to follow to link the SOS Alert app with your V16 signal.

  • Complete your registration in the app
    Finalize the link with the app by entering your personal data, your vehicle registration number, your insurance company information.

  • Configure your SOS contact list
    Once you have completed the registration of your vehicle, access the “SOS Contacts” section and save your emergency contacts.

Is it necessary to download the APP for the beacon to connect with DGT3.0?2023-08-10T08:40:43+00:00

No, the device connects to DGT3.0 from the first moment, without the need to use the app to send anonymous location alerts.

How many contacts can I include?2023-08-01T16:12:22+00:00

You can include up to 5 contacts, with whom once you press the V16 Beacon connected button, we will share an SMS with your location and an alert message.

How many vehicles can I add to my list?2023-12-13T16:18:24+00:00

You can add up to 3 vehicles to manage them comfortably.

Does Sos Alert have any associated costs?2023-12-13T16:18:20+00:00

No, SOS Alert is completely free of charge and there will be no cost for the basic functions.

Can I report incidents if I have not linked the beacon to SOS Alert?2023-08-01T15:58:53+00:00

Yes, the linking of the v16 beacon connected to SOS Alert will offer more functionalities to your beacon, but the beacon already reports incidents as standard without the need to configure anything.

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